Public Transportation

Just like in the urban public transportation network, Paris offers its guests many options for cities and international transportation.

Transportation by Airplane: Air transportation stands out as the most advantageous method for traveling to Paris in terms of time spent. There are 3 international airports serving those who want to reach Paris, which ranks 5th in the world in terms of air traffic density, in a fast and comfortable way. These are Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Beauvais-Tille.

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Flights from our country to Charles de Gaulle, which operates 27 kilometers north of the city center, are carried out from Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

In addition to the biggest airport of Paris, it is also possible to reach Orly by direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen. Flights to both destinations are completed in 3 hours and 45 minutes.

Turkish origin companies that organize direct flights to these two airports in the city most frequently are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and Atlas Global. Alternatively, you can choose Air France for direct flights and Ukraine International, KLM, LOT, Swiss Air and Scandinavian Airlines for connecting flights.

These companies I have mentioned also provide transportation to Paris from airports in various European cities. Turkish Airlines uses Beauvais, which is the smallest airport in the city used for commercial flights, for connecting flights.


Transportation by Train: Train services are the most comfortable transportation method I can recommend if you are going to Paris from the main cities of Europe or from anywhere in France.

Being at the center of both national and international railway networks is the main reason why many train services are organized to Paris. Moreover, train journeys from most countries in the Schengen Area to the city become very comfortable and uninterrupted as there are no controls at the border points. In addition, since all of the trains use high-speed lines, they save travelers a significant amount of time.

6 different stations are used for railway services in Paris. Gare du Nord, the largest of these, hosts trains from different destinations in Northern Europe, especially Thalys, which provides flights to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Eurostars, which provides railway transportation to the United Kingdom.


You can reach Paris Nord in 3 hours 17 minutes from Amsterdam, 1 hour 22 minutes from Brussels, and 2 hours 15 minutes from London.

Apart from Thalys, you can also choose TGV, which organizes high-speed train services from various cities in France, along with Luxembourg and Switzerland, for a comfortable journey.

Apart from the companies I mentioned above, there are also normal high-speed train options that you can use to travel to Paris. TER, Intercites and CNL are the main companies that can offer economical prices to travelers in terms of transportation.

Transportation by Bus: If you do not have time constraints, you can travel to Paris, which is home to the largest bus station in Europe, by bus from within Europe.


Eurolines is the only company that provides transportation to the Paris-Gallieni International Bus Station. Megabus from London, Amsterdam and Brussels; In addition to these destinations, İDBUS organizes flights from Italian cities to the terminal in Porte Maillot.

FlixBus and Starshipper are the only two bus companies you can choose to go from French cities to Paris. After reaching Paris bus station by bus, you can go to the city center via the metro stop located here.